Orthodox Survival Course, Class 57 – The Corona Delusion in the Light of Truth

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When I was in Belgrade recently, the patriotic and monarchist club “Tsarostavnik” asked me to give a talk on this corona virus insanity that is still going on around us. I gave the talk in two parts, on July 23rd and July 30th ns. Some of you may have seen the talks on YouTube, and you had to be patient to follow them, since I was frequently – necessarily – interrupted by an interpreter, for the sake of those in the audience who did not speak English. For today’s Survival Course class, I have combined the two talks into one and shall deliver them in English without interruption, both for the sake of those who saw the videos and would like to hear the talks again without interruption, and for those who have not heard them yet. I have left in the references to Tsarostavnik and my original audience, both to give greater liveliness and to preserve a record of the historical context of the original talk. The only difference in the original script and today’s script is that I have left out the summary of Lecture One that I gave at the beginning of Lecture Two.

So here it is:

The Corona Virus Delusion Examined Under the Light of Truth

Club “Tsarostavnik,” Belgrade

Talk 1 on 10/23 July 2020

Holy 45 Martyrs of Nicopolis

St. Anthony of the Kiev Caves

Greetings –

I would like to express my thanks to the leadership of Tsarostavnik for inviting me once again to address you on a topic of great spiritual and historical importance. I am always honored and always rejoice to meet others who do not accept the manufactured illusions of our time, who seek to know and to live the truth in light of the Orthodox Faith, in loyalty to Christ as well as to their people and their homeland. May our common Savior enlighten our understanding, and give us courage, wisdom, and strength, and grant us to be unified, in Him, in our struggles against the evils which beset us.

Introduction – Our Topic

Tonight’s topic is the current “Corona virus” catastrophe that is going on around us. I shall speak from the perspective of someone coming from the United States, and the effect of “Corona” on the American people, but I am sure you can apply all of this to your situation here in Serbia. During our discussion after my talk, I would like for you to inform me, in turn, about the situation here, and how my observations do or do not apply to your own predicament.

Of course, as we know, the actual catastrophe is not the supposed pandemic, but is rather the grim ensemble of pre-designed results so rapidly achieved by those who have created the illusion of the pandemic, which include

  1. the massive destruction of local economies and personal wealth, with the consequent further destruction of the middle and working classes and the increase of their slavery to debt and to government financial assistance,

2. the widespread – and probably generational – illnesses and deaths brought about not by the mysterious virus but by the measures supposedly taken to combat the virus,

3. the quantum leap in the destruction of personal freedom by the institution of a lawless police and surveillance state,

4. the successful demonstration of the ability to induce mass demoralization, confusion, and delusional fearfulness by the use of highly developed media technology,

5. the advancement of the compulsory vaccination agenda, bringing with it the specter, in the near future, of coercively implanting sinister nanotechnology devices in entire national populations,

6. creating fear and distrust between people and their neighbors, thus further destroying the already weak natural bonds of family and community, in order to fill the vacuum with an idiotic loyalty of atomized, deracinated individuals to an all-powerful central authority,

and, most significantly,

7. the hastening of the ongoing apostasy of the historical Christian institutions and peoples – including, most critically, the Orthodox ones – to clear the way for a satanic world-state under the actual Antichrist, or, at least, a totalitarian authority in the spirit of Antichrist which will foreshadow his coming.

The purpose of my contribution tonight – and I say “my contribution,” because I welcome your contribution as well, both tonight and when we, God willing, continue our conversation next week – is not, however, to dwell on the evils of the current crisis and the possible – even probable – evils to come, but rather to clarify our understanding of the entire situation in the light of God’s providence for us, in the light of the history of our salvation. We are Orthodox Christians: we must ever set our eyes upon our eternal destiny and form our understanding of earthly events in the light of eternity. We are not as the godless, who have no hope. When a man has truly and irrevocably died to this world, in order to live forever with Christ, he acquires invincible courage, coupled with prudence and self-control. Only such a man can make effective war upon the enemies, visible and invisible, who beset us.

I do not, then, plan to dwell upon the details of the situation, concerning which there is room for a considerable difference of opinion, even among those who know the truth about the big picture. This big picture, which, I believe, all of us here tonight understand, is that the “Corona” crisis is a worldwide psy-op and social engineering project by the globalist Antichrist elites, whose purpose is to bring about an inconceivably monstrous and unprecedented satanic tyranny over the whole world. We who are fighters for Christ and against Antichrist should not waste energy and weaken our struggle by fighting among ourselves about the fine gradations of understanding various specific questions, for example: Whether the disease actually exists in the form that is claimed; whether it is natural or manmade, or, if manmade, whether it is bio-warfare of this or that power against a rival power; whether this or that treatment actually works to prevent or cure the disease; what the actual numbers are of verifiable instances of the disease and verifiable deaths; whether the test for the disease really works as a diagnostic tool or is even, perhaps, on the contrary, designed to actually give people the disease; what the specific ingredients and effects of a proposed vaccine are going to be; whether the current repressive measures are temporary or permanent (i.e., whether this is just one more preparatory stage in the ongoing Antichrist project, followed by a respite, or is, rather, the beginning of a long, unrelenting final push), etc. I am not saying that these questions are unimportant, and I know that a lot of brave truth-tellers have done and are doing a lot of excellent work – often at great personal cost – to reveal the true answers to these questions and many other, related questions as well. My point is that we can disagree about the details but still be united on an Orthodox understanding of the big picture.

In my talk tonight, then, I shall go through the seven results of the “Corona” psy-op/ engineering project I have listed above, briefly summarize them, and then give an interpretation of each one in light of an Orthodox understanding of history and our current place in it. The seventh result – the hastening of the apostasy of the historically Christian peoples – is, of course, the most important and the most dreadful, and my summary and interpretation of this necessarily sheds light on the other six topics and will also form the conclusion to my talk.

Seven Results of the Engineered “Corona” Crisis

1. The destruction of a just and humane economy:

Never before in history have national governments simply shut down a critical mass of the productive activities of their nations in order to prevent the spread of a disease. If one’s purpose really were to save a nation and protect the real welfare of its people, such a measure would be obviously – unbelievably – asinine. If one’s purpose, however, were the destruction of local economies, small businesses, and the productive property of millions of middle and working class families, with the consequent further concentration of wealth in the hands of an insatiably rapacious oligarchy of parasitical usurers, these draconian “lockdowns” and falsely named quarantines of millions of perfectly healthy people would constitute a master stroke. And so they have proved to be.

In the United States, the enforced lockdowns have destroyed thousands of small businesses, often family businesses which were the products of the labor of several generations. Millions of middle and working class people have lost their jobs. Small town economies, already suffering greatly, have been devastated. We are supposed to believe that this impoverishment of millions, which has resulted not only in financial disaster for those affected, but naturally has also led to a marked increase in suicide, divorce, and the breakup of families, was a wise measure necessary to prevent the spread of a disease that, even if we accept the official numbers that everyone knows are grossly inflated, has killed perhaps one twentieth of one percent of the national population, mostly people in very large cities who already had other serious health problems.

It is all a lie, of course. The economic outcome has been to further the destruction of what remained of a human scale economy and to concentrate even more wealth in the hands of the large corporations and the banks. In America, the economic gains made by the middle and working classes during the first three years of the Trump administration were wiped out in a few weeks. Vast numbers of the suddenly unemployed were, moreover, sent a lot of “free” money, and millions who had never received public assistance were now being tempted by the idea that it is actually better to stay home, not work, and get a check in the mail, than to be productive.

From the Orthodox point of view, all of this is spiritually disastrous. Healthy family life, designed by God to be the normal framework in which man acquires the virtues and works out his salvation, is best served by the family’s possessing productive property – a farm and/or a small business – or, if they must be dependent on wages paid by another, a moderate but sufficient income, a “family wage.” And man must work by the sweat of his brow, as the Lord commanded Adam after the Fall, not sit around and collect money for doing nothing. Where you see the destruction of family farms and family businesses, and enforced idleness coupled with the “bread and circuses” of the welfare state, there is always and inevitably the corruption of morals. The economic disaster caused by the “Corona” crisis is, therefore, not a strictly worldly concern unconnected to spiritual life, and the Church should be concerned over it. We must encourage our faithful to be proactive in striving to remain out of debt and independent of government assistance as much as possible, to acquire new skills if necessary to maintain an income adequate to supporting a family, and to acquire productive property in the form of land where they can produce food and small businesses that are able to survive in the post-“Corona” environment. If we truly believe in leading a godly life, the Lord will open doors for us, show us the way, and give us the help we need to lead quiet and peaceful lives in which we can work out our salvation.

2. Illnesses and deaths caused by government overreach:

The authorities in the United States – as well as, I understand, other countries – more or less shut down their health care systems during the peak “Corona” weeks. Untold millions of necessary procedures to preserve health and life were canceled or postponed, and untold numbers became more sick or actually died from this engineered refusal to treat them. These numbers probably far exceed whatever final, fictional body count from “Corona” is going to be fabricated whenever those in power decide it is time for the “pandemic” to be over in order to make way for the next brainwashing operation. In addition to the canceled and postponed treatments, the nonstop propaganda about the terrors of this mysterious bogeyman virus frightened millions more into not seeking help that was actually available, and an untold number have died at home because they were frightened of contracting “Corona” in the emergency room of their local hospital. I have already mentioned above the sharp increase in suicides during this period caused by job loss, the breakup of families, and the incredible anxiety engineered in millions of minds by the merciless information bombardment from the corporate media. The means for stopping the spread of “Corona” have surely killed more people than the disease itself, and they will go on killing people into the future, as the long-term, generational effects of economic and social destruction, as well as the damage caused to the health care system, work their grim logic out in time.

The spiritual meaning of this carnage is that it is one more phase of the Antichrist elite’s endless orgy of human sacrifice to their god, satan. The same people who have given us euthanasia, abortion on demand, and the vivisection of still-living human beings euphemistically called “organ donation,” also have given us the “Corona” crisis as a new, immensely large, and multi-faceted mechanism for killing large numbers of people over time. The demons feed on human blood and human suffering, and their acolytes must give it to them, or the demons will torture them. They must always be one step ahead of the game and be constantly devising new ways to kill people. One must admit that with “Corona” they have been extremely clever, with the help of their invisible handlers. Only demonic intelligences could have thought of all this.

Our Lord Jesus Christ, Who has freed us from the power of the devil by His all-conquering death on the Cross and glorious Resurrection, has entrusted His True Church, the Orthodox Church, with the power to overcome sin, illness, death, the devil, and hell. We must be bold in prophetically denouncing all of these newfangled types of human sacrifice, including this latest deception, and proclaim the sanctity of human life on every occasion. We must point out the utter hypocrisy and vanity of those who claim to be so concerned over saving lives through these absurdly excessive measures against “Corona,” while at the same time they are leading advocates of infanticide (abortion), suicide (euthanasia), and ritual murder by vivisection (the transplantation of vital organs from still-living people). We must preach the joyful Christian embrace of life, giving courage to our young people to proclaim their faith in the goodness and sanctity of human life by marrying and having large families, by living selflessly and fearlessly.

3. Destruction of personal freedom:

Nowhere in history do we see the example of a nation – much less most or all the nations in the world – locking its entire healthy and productive population in their homes – i.e., placing them under house arrest – in order supposedly to combat the spread of a disease. This is so obviously an exercise in raw power, in mass mind control, and in the humiliation and enslavement of vast human populations, that it is inconceivable that so many supposedly intelligent people cannot see it simply for what it is. The promised endless regime of mandatory testing, contact tracing, and so forth, will simply be a “soft” version of the Soviet-style surveillance state.

From the Orthodox point of view, we can perceive that the satanic anti-authority has erected this absurd and grotesque regime of “Corona” restrictions in order to degrade man, the image of God. They hate God, and they hate His creation, especially His highest creation, which is man. Whatever in their endless cruelty they can do to degrade and humiliate man, and to control his mind and body, they will do, as an integral part of their rebellion against God, their disobedience to His holy will. The Church elevates and ennobles man, and gives him the means to attain true freedom through the exercise of his moral will. The synagogue of Satan degrades and humiliates man, enslaving him through forms of outward coercion that wear him down and finally convince him of the truth of materialist determinism, so that he will give up any spiritual striving and no longer exercise the freedom of using his moral will for the good.

Our Savior has told us that He is Truth, and that the Truth will set us free. We must preach the truth of the current situation to our faithful and all whose hearts are open, and proclaim “liberty to the captives,” that is, those who are living enslaved to fear and to their passions. If we strive against the passions, by God’s grace we can acquire the inner freedom of the sons of God, which no totalitarian regime, no matter how powerful, can take away from us. This truth we know from the recent experience of our New Martyrs under communism. Even if those in power succeed in taking away our outward freedom, we will remain free within, and it is only those who are free within who can fight effectively for outward freedom as well. Let us redouble our efforts to preach and to live the active Orthodox spiritual life, and the infinite divine power of grace will come to our aid.

4. Demonstrating mass mind control:

A truly sobering aspect of the current situation is that vast numbers of people do not actually have to be coerced into giving up their freedom; they simply consent to be tricked into doing it. They have been brainwashed into “loving Big Brother,” and they willingly embrace their slavery. This entire crisis is actually a vast psy-op, in which the globalist establishment has demonstrated its power to perform Pavlovian conditioning long distance on billions of people through media technology. What the subjects of this experiment actually go through is an occult, ritual initiation in the form of a traumatizing psychological drama, in which one imagines that one is faced with death and then is rescued by the deus ex machina of the all-powerful therapeutic nanny state, to which one now owes his life, and from that point on continues to live in a kind of pseudo-immortality guaranteed by obedience to the new god. Those who “blaspheme” the new “god” (such as whistle-blowing physicians and scientists, for example) are heretics and infidels, threats to one’s newly attained pseudo-immortality, and they must be silenced or even eradicated.

From our Orthodox point of view, we can say that the subjects of this psychodrama initiation have decisively entered an entire mental universe of prelest in which the perception of reality and real spiritual life – and therefore salvation – becomes extremely difficult if not impossible. The preachers and authorities of the Church must teach our people the truth of what is going on, exhort them not to give themselves over to these lies, and to maintain spiritual sobriety. We must courageously continue to preach the truth that our true life is not here but in eternity, and that we must not fear death, a fear that gives the evil one and his servants power over us. We must exhort our faithful to exercise strict control over their exposure to the various communication media and to refuse to be hypnotized by the great propaganda machine that is creating a race of mindless post-human “zombies” all around us.

5. Advancing the vaccine and microchip agenda:

The well-documented crimes against humanity on an unbelievably vast scale by “Big Pharma,” their fellow traveler Bill Gates, and those like them, are probably well known to everyone in our audience tonight. Their plans for injecting the entire human population with poisons, microchips, and so forth are also a matter of public record, not at all a “conspiracy theory.” By creating this “Corona” crisis, these same criminals are both psychologically conditioning their victims to accept this being done to them and fabricating pseudo-scientific and pseudo-legal excuses for doing it to them.

As we know, in Orthodox circles there now rages a debate about whether the planned vaccine and microchip will constitute the “mark of the beast” foretold in the Apocalypse. Even if it does not, this does not constitute an excuse for the Church not to oppose it. It obviously partakes of the spirit of Antichrist, and this alone makes it evil and deserving of our opposition. The body of a baptized Orthodox Christian is a temple of the Holy Spirit. His mother, the Church, who exercises her care over all of his psychosomatic organism, is not indifferent to the dangers obviously present when an aggressively anti-Christian authority proposes to place unpredictable toxins and a little understood, advanced nano-technology into his body, with possibly catastrophic physical and psychic consequences. Moreover, the proposed tattoo, signifying that the subject is permanently marked as belonging to the new race of micro-chipped humanity, is a sign of ownership, signifying slavery to the anti-Christian regime. In shamanistic religion, tattoos are symbolic places of entry for demonic powers. Given the well-known penchant of the global elites for satanic worship, it is not unreasonable to deduce that they will design the tattoo for occult purposes as well as for marking their new “property.” The Church must preach courageous and intransigent opposition to this obviously demonic program, and her leaders must be in the forefront of those willing to suffer in order not to give in.

6. Creating fear and distrust; destroying natural loyalties and creating loyalty to the Antichrist authority:

Nothing symbolizes the Brave New World of “Corona” more powerfully than the face mask now submissively worn by millions. It is perhaps the cleverest of many masterstrokes in the diabolic program we see unfolding before us. Even if the disease is what they say it is, we know from official sources that the mask does not prevent its spread. It has been likened to using a chain link fence to keep out mosquitoes. The real purpose of the mask is to dehumanize the population and reduce them to an atomized mass of unrelated individuals living in fear of one another and in submissive loyalty to the central authority. And not only the mask, but the “social distancing” and enforced isolation measures also contribute to this. Again, we must remember that the people in charge are creating a new sub-human humanity, a diabolic caricature of God’s creation of man. They are destroying what is left of the natural bonds of family, community, and nation, and reducing once noble humanity to a mass of deracinated, atomized individuals with no identity, no past, no future, no tradition, no roots, no meaning – a gigantic vacuum to be filled with demonic lies and demonic energies. In place of traditional loyalties, there is only a banal and idiotic loyalty to the collective hive of mindlessness, to the faceless new regime. Those who keep their faces intact – both literally by not masking and figuratively by preserving their traditional loyalties and traditional identities – are identified as “enemies of the people” to be feared, punished, and liquidated.

The Church must proactively take measures to increase the bonds of love, loyalty, and trust among her members, and help them intensify both their Orthodoxy and traditional cultural identities, and not abandon them to this new, satanic loyalty. Faceless, rootless atomistic individuals, with no past and no future, living in a world of lies and living only to gratify momentary desires and avoid momentary pains, cannot be Christians and cannot be saved. It’s that simple.

We will devote our talk next week entirely to point seven, which is the most important: The “Corona” crisis has intensified and expanded the ongoing apostasy of the Orthodox leadership and Orthodox institutions.

The “Corona” Delusion in the Light of Truth, Part II

Club “Tsarostavnik,” Belgrade

17/30 March 2020

Great Martyr Marina


Once again I would like to thank the leadership of Tsarostavnik for inviting me to address you on the current manufactured “Corona” crisis. As I said last week, it is always a great pleasure to offer whatever advice and insight I can to those who steadfastly refuse to accept the manufactured delusions of our time, and who desire to remain loyal to Holy Orthodoxy and to their homeland. Let us all pray that whatever wisdom we can obtain we will also be able to share with as many others as possible, with those whose hearts are open to the truth.

In Part I, I discussed introduced seven pre-designed results of the Corona crisis and discussed them as topics one through six. Tonight I shall discuss the most important topic, which is the Church.

The Church and the Revolt Against Divine Order

Some of those in our audience have no doubt listened to my podcast lecture series entitled “Orthodox Survival Course,” inspired by lectures of the same name given by the late Fr. Seraphim Rose. You may recall that I devoted several of these talks to Fr. Seraphim’s short book on the philosophy of nihilism, “nothing-ism,” which is the dominant thought system – or, rather, anti-thought anti-system – of the occult global oligarchy which has now come to power on the ruins of Christian civilization. This book was just part of a planned, much larger work which Fr. Seraphim was going to title “The Kingdom of God and the Kingdom of Man,” a comprehensive metahistory of the world in light of Divine Revelation and Holy Tradition, in which Fr. Seraphim was going to trace the working out of God’s plan for our salvation by viewing and connecting the events of history from an Orthodox viewpoint. Though he never wrote this book, his Orthodox Survival Course lectures did accomplish a great deal that he wanted to achieve with the book, by tracing Western man’s apostasy from the Faith of Christ in the developments of the second millennium. The current situation, in which Christendom, that is, a civilization in which the Church is the dominant institution, has been effectively destroyed and replaced by an explicitly anti-Christian system, is the result of this apostasy.

A key concept in understanding Fr. Seraphim’s work and that of other important Christian meta-historians, is the concept of Divine Order based on the Logos of God, Who is the Second Person of the Holy Trinity, Our Lord Jesus Christ. Logos is a Greek word meaning “word,” but also “rationality,” “meaning,” and “logic.” Christ is the blueprint, the logic, the meaning of the entire created cosmos, including man – especially including man. All of man’s works, including his political systems, science, art, medicine, education, etc. are pleasing to God insofar as they conform to the Logos. Insofar as they do not conform to the Logos, they are in a state of disorder, of disobedience, displeasing to God and harmful to man. The history of Orthodox civilization is the history of the creation of human institutions which express this Divine Order, under the guidance of the Church. The anti-Christian revolutions of the past 200+ years, in the revolutionary era that began with the French Revolution, are the revolt of man against God and his replacing the Divine Order, in which everything is oriented to man’s ultimate purpose, which is his salvation, with a demonic order, in which everything is oriented to the glorification of the passions and the worship of temporal things.

Of course, this revolt did not really begin out of nowhere 200 years ago. It was the outward result of the entire falling away of the Western part of the Christian world, beginning with the separation from Orthodoxy in the middle ages. Fr. Seraphim’s lecture series, as well as my own Orthodox Survival Course, explain how this happened.

I am reviewing all of this to give a framework within which to understand the current crisis. It is not an isolated event, but is rather one more step in the age-old program of those who hate Christ to destroy the Divine Order in the world and institute their own antiChrist order. It is therefore the duty of the Church to reveal this deception for what it is and to oppose it. Last week we discussed how the elites are using this deception to enslave man economically, physically, and socially. Tonight we will speak specifically of the attack on the Church Herself in the denial of Her freedom, Her divine character and mission, and Her teaching on the nature of man and his final purpose.

A. Attack on the Church’s Freedom

As we all know, secular authorities in many countries have used the Corona scare to justify shutting down Church services on a massive scale. The most scandalous aspect of this, of course, was that many Church authorities, including Orthodox authorities, have cooperated in this to the point of actually anticipating and/or exceeding government requirements about having services, the manner of distributing Holy Communion, the number of worshippers allowed to be present, and actually collecting names of those who attended services to hand over to the authorities, an iniquitous practice reminiscent of the Soviet Union.

The diabolically clever aspect of all this is that it was done in the name of “public health,” and therefore worldly church authorities could make some jesuitical argument that they were not denying the Faith, that no one told them to give up their Creed. They were acting in the public interest! But when in the history of the Church did She simply shut down and stop functioning in times of widespread disease? Historically, were not these episodes – which were far more frequent before the advent of modern medicine – actually occasions for greater efforts to do Church services, hold public processions, bring Holy Communion to a greater number of people, and so forth – in short, to use the divine power given by Christ to the Apostles and their successors to defeat sickness, death, the devil, and hell? In fact, this current compromised behavior is a great triumph of what has come to be called “Sergianism,” a secularization of the Church through Her own leaders’ willingly lowering Her to the level of an earthly institution in service of a godless state based on a materialistic philosophy.

“Well, this was temporary,” the apologists for this behavior say. “When the crisis is over, things will return to normal.” But what will happen next year when a new crisis is manufactured and relentlessly shoved down our throats by endless media propaganda? If we retreated this time, why not next time and every time? Where do you draw the line? Where does the compromise end? If we do not stand up now, when the threatened penalties are relatively mild and in many places the rules are not even enforced, what will we do when those in charge decide to make things worse?

B. Attack on the Church’s Divine Character and Mission

I have already mentioned above that the underlying philosophy behind the closure of churches and the mutilation of the services and administration of the Holy Mysteries is materialism, the teaching that everything real is of this world, and that the spiritual life and eternal life are not real, or, if real, completely disconnected from how we should conduct our lives in this world. The Church, however, is of divine origin, She has a divine and holy character, and Her mission is to preach the truth of salvation to men and to bring about the Divine Order in this world, in order to facilitate that way of life that is conducive to salvation. What the secularists – both civil and ecclesiastical – want to do is to reduce our Faith to a private hobby, an individual, subjective psychological experience, that has little or no public expression and little or no effect on how people conduct their lives in this world. During this recent crisis, collaborationist clergymen told their traumatized faithful that not having services or the sacraments was a good thing, and that they could just as well practice their Faith by watching video broadcasts of Church services. This is not only an attack on the corporate nature of the Church as the visible Body of Christ in the world, but also the destruction of the believer’s actual experience of divine worship, which is of its nature something real not virtual.

C. Attack on the Nature of Man and His Final Purpose

Man is a psychosomatic unity, not a “ghost trapped in a machine,” as Descartes famously said. It is not true that the Church ministers only to souls, while men’s bodies are not her concern. The Church is the primary arena in which man’s healing – including his physical healing – takes place. To abandon the healing of men’s bodies completely to secular scientific and social institutions utterly divorced from a Christian understanding of the origin of illness and the Church’s mission to heal and deliver men from all their woes both spiritual and physical, is to reject Holy Tradition in favor of some kind of dualistic anthropology and a secularist social philosophy.

Conclusion – A great deal more could be said on this all-important topic. I offer these thoughts to you tonight, and I welcome your questions and comments.

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